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So what is it about my job that I love? Talking to people!

In any career, conversations I believe, are vital for success. The right conversation at the right time. Formulated, practised and delivered in a professional, timely and calm manner.

Why don’t we do it more? Why do never seem to have time?

Well schedule them, make the time.

The art of conversation is dying and it is the remedy to most ills within an organisation.

Look at our conversations now, even this blog.  Online, not too long so as not lose interest, but no inflection, no feeling.  Facebook posts, Twitter, Instagram (pictures only) do they always tell a thousand words?  Often now we are tempted to “converse” via email or text message. Limited by time we quickly shoot off a message knowing full well what we mean. In hindsight and often after receiving a reply, we realise that the intention of the message has not been delivered successfully. What follows may be an email exchange to explain, apologise and clarify. Would a face to face have been more efficient, or a skype or phone call?

Twitter limits to use an amount of characters, facebook posts allows us to add a feeling via emoji but wouldn’t a conversation be so much better?

Currently I am working on a series of workshops entitled “Professional Conversations”. Conversations that move us forward. Professional conversations should be solutions focused, timely and result in action.

I hope you may join me in a conversation soon.


Kind regards,