What is Well Being?

Well Being is a state of equilibrium or balances that can be affected by life events or challenges

Well Being – Being faced with challenges and meeting them.

Resilience – Having the capacity to meet the challenge (Personal and organisational)

Mindfulness – Deal with the issue now, not just part, or of a pre-conceived idea.

Well Being through clarity of purpose.

Do I matter?
Am I valuable?
Am I competent?
Am I able to learn?
Can I influence?
Do I have a say?

Are your colleagues or employees experiencing well being?  Do they matter? Do you make them feel like they matter and valuable?

Are they competent?  Have you got the right people of the right seat in the bus?  If so, are you providing the opportunity for growth?

Do they have or are they able to have a say?  Is there open discussion, an environment that enables constructive criticism and opportunity for change?

So, are people ENGAGED?


Increased Well Being, a Healthy Workplace = Increased productivity

Can we identify the stressors?

Change; Technology; 24/7 workplace; Conflict

Can we anticipate situations or events that may cause psychological injury or potential hazards to Mental Health?

  • Returning after maternity leave
  • Family issues – illness; financial;
  • Extended illness
  • Return from injury
  • Excessive workload – covering absence
  • Major change – In a team, in a branch; new programs or procedures

Can you find ways to minimise the stressors?

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